She's the owner of a mobile home -- and she wants proof

Suzanne Weimer
Suzanne Weimer

It hasn't been one year or two years. It hasn't even been three years. No. It's been four years that Suzanne Weimer has been trying to get the title to the mobile home she purchased for $5,000 -- cash.

Weimer lives at Northwood Estates on the 1900 block of Tracy Rd. And to say she's mad and frustrated is an understatement.

Fed up, she's turned to Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith for help.

Weimer says she paid $5,000 cash for the mobile home but that all she has is a Michigan title in the previous owner's name.

"I have to have it inspected before I can get it transferred," Weimer says. But the problem is Weimer can't get a title because the serial number on the mobile home does not match the number on the title.

Weimer's been going back and forth with the company who sold the mobile home to her.

"It was always, 'Yeah, it's on its way,' and nothing comes," Weimer says.

But she's tired of waiting -- four years is way too long, she says. She's fearful that if something happens to her, her son will be without a home.

At 74 she's dealing with other problems, too.  "I can't get around. I'm a little crippled," she says.

Well, Mika called the company and the man who handles titles wasn't there. So she asked for the owner, but the receptionist hung up.

As for the park, the manager has been trying to get other titles form the previous owner and is still waiting for them.

Mika promises to stick with this situation until the title's in the hands of the woman with the mobile home.

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