Snow safety essentials for kids

TOLEDO -- Many kids hit the hills today for some fun in the snow. But were they safe? Some health professionals are recommending kids wear helmets before going down a hill. Mika Highsmith has the Call 11 for Action Alert.

It's fun, fast and dangerous. ProMedica's Dr. Cathy Cantor says, "A lot of the major injuries we see are head injuries."

To protect yourself doctors say you should use a helmet before getting on a sled or snow tube. It's what the Injury Free Coalition for Kids is advocating, hoping to decrease the more that 45,000 sledding injuries treated each year.

Dr. Cantor says, "You put kids in a helmet when there on a bicycle and sledding is actually more dangerous."

That's due to speeds. Dr Cantor says average speeds are around 19 miles per hour.

So why aren't these kids wearing one? Mika got all sorts of answers. One child says, "We don't need one, don't want one. Another kid was left speechless by Mika's question.

Mom Meg Kennedy says, "On a smaller hill like this I'm not too worried about it. But in a bigger hill where there's lots of kids, I think it would be advisable to wear a helmet."

Cantor says, "Always wear warm boot and clothes." That's the Doctor's orders so Mika tried it out, the right way, with a helmet. And it's a good thing she did! Mika crashed into our photojournalist.

Posted by N Dutton