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Fulton Co. Christmas Eve crash

Hollis Richer was one of two people killed in the crash. She was out for a Christmas service with her boyfriend's family. Hollis Richer was one of two people killed in the crash. She was out for a Christmas service with her boyfriend's family.
Elliott Mealer, accepted to play football at Michigan, lost his father and girlfriend in the crash and injured his shoulder. Elliott Mealer, accepted to play football at Michigan, lost his father and girlfriend in the crash and injured his shoulder.
The accident happened around 9:30 p.m. on Christmas eve  at the intersection of State Route 2 and County Road 19. The accident happened around 9:30 p.m. on Christmas eve at the intersection of State Route 2 and County Road 19.
A memorial cross has been placed at the site of the crash. A memorial cross has been placed at the site of the crash.

FULTON COUNTY, OH -- Family and friends are remembering the victims of a Christmas Eve crash that happened in Fulton county. Visitation for Hollis Richer runs until 8 p.m. Friday, December 28 at Sara's Garden Hope Center in Wauseon. Funeral services will be at 11:00 Saturday morning at Wauseon High school.

Visitation for David Mealer is Saturday from 2 to 8 p.m. at Edgar-Grisier funeral home. Services will be Sunday at 2:30 at Oasis Christian Fellowship in Wauseon.

Brock Mealer remains hospitalized in fair condition, upgraded from critical.

Charges are pending in a Christmas Eve crash that took two lives. The accident happened at the intersection of State Route 2 and County Road 19 in Fulton County.

Police say 90-year-old H. Edward Johnson of Wauseon slammed into a vehicle driven by 50-year-old David Mealer, also of Wauseon. Investigators on the scene said Johnson ran a stop sign on southbound County Road 19 in his 1991 Buick Skylark and struck the Mealer vehicle, a 1998 Mercedes, which was eastbound on State Route 2. The Mercedes overturned and went off the road, coming to a rest on its top. The accident happened about 9:30 p.m.

Mealer and 17-year-old Hollis Richer of Wauseon were killed.

Also in the vehicle were Shelly Mealer, 47, and Elliott Mealer, 18. The survivors were transported to Fulton County Health Center and St. Vincent's in Toledo. No passengers were wearing seatbelts.

Johnson was wearing a seatbelt, and he was taken to Fulton County Health Center.

Remembering David Mealer and Hollis Richer

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Your Words

I don't know the Mealer & Richer families, but I have known Mr. Johnson all my life. He has always reminded of what Jesus would be like. He is so humble and kind. I know he is devastated by this tragedy and has said he wants to trade places with them. Keep them all in your prayers.

M Heer


Many people in Fulton County will shed tears this Christmas Day because of the tragic loss of David Mealer and Hollis Richer. Elliott Mealer was a football star at Wauseon High School and had signed a letter of intent to play ball at the University of Michigan. His mom, Shelly, was the number one booster mom and kept everyone in touch with a weekly football newsletter for parents. They are a lovely family. Hollis Richer is the daughter everyone would want--pretty, athletic, popular, sweet and strong in her faith. While she is with her Lord this Christmas Day, all of us who know her family are devastated for them as they are also wonderful people.

Kelly Garrow


To the Mealer family,

Our families have been friends my whole life. Watching all the siblings grow up and playing with them. Just great neighbors!!

Our hearts go out to all of you. Our prayers are with you as you go through this tragic time.

Support each other in these times and the times ahead.

The Wonders


Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to all the families of this tragic accident.

The Neuenschwander Family


My father and I have met a lot of kids this past year at football camps, combines and colleges. None of them impressed us more than Wauseon's Elliot Mealer. He is an outstanding kid from an outstanding family. Our prayers are with him and his family.

Marc Stevens
(Bob Stevens/Father)
Lexington High School
Class of 2008


We were privileged to know the Mealers through College of Wooster basketball. You couldn't ask for better people. The thoughts and prayers of the whole College of Wooster basketball community are with you, Blake, and your family. May God give you the strength to get through this tragedy. We are praying for Brock and Shelly for healing. God bless. 

The Kipers


My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the Richer & Mealer families. My prayers go out to the parents, grandparents, siblings & friends of Hollis & also to the entire Mealer family in this most difficult time. It's a terrible tragedy to lose a loved one at any time, but especially difficult during the holiday season. My thoughts are with all of you.  May God grant you strength. 

J. Haver


Words cannot express the ache in my heart and the pain I feel for the families of Hollis Richer and David Mealer. I do not know the Mealers but I do know Fred and Hope Richer and they are such wonderful, caring people and good parents. Also I want to express the pain I feel for all of the classmates and friends of Hollis as they are suffering her loss. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Joyce Reiser


To Freddie, Hope, Shelly and all of your children... Our thoughts and prayers are with you and may you draw strength through our Lord Jesus Christ to help you through this time of loss...

Neal, Carolyn and Wade Graf


Dear Mealer family,

I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers during this very painful and difficult time. I know how badly it hurts as it was a year ago that I lost my son. I will continue to uplift you in my prayers. Keep your faith and love in the Lord as only He and the support from family and friends will help you through this. 

God Bless You,

Donna (Chamberlain) Wyse


The Mealer family is one of the most caring and friendliest families that you can find. Thoughts and prayers are with you all during this tragic time.

Matt Smith

Elida, Ohio


Richer Family,

I would like to give you my deepest and heartfelt sympathies. We lost a son 1 1/2 years ago in a car accident in Sandusky county. You will have along road that will seem to have no end in site. Remember your child's love is still there and will always be there. I have no special words to help your pain. I do have an ear if you want someone to listen.

Todd M Hatch


To both families that I do not know. You are in everyones prayers during this difficult time and I do so hope that you find your strength in our Lord. He will pick you up and carry you thru this time in your life. He has blessed you with a wonderful life with your family, though it seems terrible now, He does have a plan, bigger than we can ever imagine!  Draw close to Him, He will guide you thru this. God bless you and your family and friends. Keep your faith strong!!

Michelle C



While I do not know either family directly, I am a good friend of Caroline's (niece). Please know there are many people who are keeping your families in our thoughts and prayers.

Jenny Lewis


I grew up with the Mealer family, going to school with them and playing sports with them, they are a family everyone would be proud to call them their friends. David was a great guy, he was so kind and gentle, and he would do anything for you. He and Shelly raised a great trio of boys that they were so proud of. My heart and prayers go out to the Mealer family in their time of mourning. Dave will be missed by all.

Terry Schultz of Bryan, Ohio


I went to high school with the Mealer boys and it is a heart ache to hear what happen to a great family.  They were caring and a close family.  My heart and prays goes out to everyone that was hurt on that day and after. 

Pat Keller


Your loss is unbelievable!  Your loss of a spouse, Shelly, and a daughter, Fred and Hope brings us all to tears. We send our love and our prayers. Surely, these fine people are with God and though that is the good news, the ones left behind must be devastated. Please know we all care. We send our love and we would lesson your pain if only we knew how. I hope it helps to see and hear and feel that all of Wauseon and beyond is crying with you. But, we are also praying for your son's healing and that you may be strengthened by the Faith we know you share in the belief in life everlasting.

Jim and Dolores Spieles


I am a cousin to the Mealer family. I am a cousin on shelly's side of the family. To you and your family right know are prayers are with you and just remember god is with you. Sorry that you had to lose David in the accident but you are strong and you will get through it. Let brock know that this side of the family is pulling him forward and hopes of a speeded recovery. God bless and please keep us informed on the situtation in hand. Keeping praying because god can work mircles, but it may not seem like it but he dose

from Michele LLoyd


While I do not know either family directly, I am a good friend of Caroline's (niece). Please know there are many people who are keeping your families in our thoughts and prayers!

Jenny Lewis


To The Richers, Mealers, & The Johnsons--- I do not know any of you but my heart still aches the same: STAY STRONG, HE NEVER GIVES YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE.


I have no connection to any of the families involved. But I have e-mails from two of my family members and how this tragedy has affected them because of connections they have to the family members involved. Relating to the recent tragedies in my own life, I know the importance of condolences sent no matter how minute or far removed they are from the situation. You have thoughts and prayers from Wauseon, Edgerton and Waterloo, IN. May God bless you all as you endure this event's tragic results.


Judy Miller


You are in our thoughts and prayers! I know Hollis is with the Lord right now, but the reality of not having Hollis here with you will be so unbelievably hard to understand, we will pray for peace and understanding. My heart is broken for you Hope and Fred, a tragic loss of such a beautiful girl. Praying for you!

Todd, Peggy, Aaron and Ashley Lightner

Rochester, MN


Blake, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. We are here for you and your family.

Doug and Lauren Cline


I know the Mealers very well and what a great family. I send my prayers and blessings out to both families. What a tragic loss for all of us. God Bless.


To the Mealer Family:

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this tough time. Blake, I know you know this- but the entire Wooster men's basketball family stands united and strong with you during this difficult time. We are all here for you and your family.

My deepest sympathies,

Ryan Pedon


My familys' prayers go out to both families.  Our family has been friends of the Richers for years, and I was also Hollis' and Elliott's teacher, as well as my son being a friend of Elliott's through many years of basketball and football.  This tragedy has affected us all and we want you to know that we are praying for God's strength and comfort to get you through this very difficult time.  We love you and will continue to pray for you!

Jill, LaRoy, Kayla and Colton Martinez


My husband and I are friends with David's sister and brother-in-law Sandy and Jim and Hollis's grandpa and step grandma, Rollie and Betty through our church in Wauseon.  The night of the tragedy we were about to begin our Christmas Eve service when word came to us that something terrible had happened.  Knowing that God's hands were the only ones large enough to hold all involved, we prayed for His intercession and comfort for all involved.  We continued to pray throughout the service and have not stopped praying for all of you.  The loss that you have all suffered is beyond words.  All who know you and even those of us who know you through the media relaying your story on the news or through family members or mutual friends want nothing more than to be able to say the words you need to hear, hold your hand, and comfort you in a way that will ease some of the pain you are feeling.  You need to all know, whether you have lost your a close family member or a dear friend in this tragic event that people everywhere are doing the one thing that we can all do on your behalf....we are praying for you and for your loved ones who have gone home to be with their Lord and Savior.  No one can understand why these things happen.  God will be able to answer those questions for us one day in His time. 

Just keep in your minds and your hearts the knowledge that people everywhere are holding you close through their prayers.  Lean on others and let them surround you with their love. Most of all let God hold you tightly in the palm of His hand.  You are loved and we are all going to be here through all of this with all of the compassion and comfort that we can give you.  You need to be taken care of at this very difficult time, and we are all here to do just that for you.  Your loved ones are alive in your hearts and that is a place that they will never leave. 

When you feel you cannot go on, take another step, or breathe another breath...lean on those who love you with God at the center of that support group.  Like the hymn says "I don't know about tomorrow; I just live from day to day. I don't borrow from its sunshine, for its skies may turn to grey. I don't worry o'er the future, for I know what Jesus said, and today I'll walk beside Him, for He knows what is ahead. Many things about tomorrow I don't seem to understand, but I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand."  Grace and Peace to you all.

Susie Slawinski

Christ United Methodist Church

Wauseon, Ohio


I do not personally know anyone involved in this horrific accident. I want to offer my heartfelt sympathy to everyone involved. I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. 

To Pastor Johnson you are a good man, and for everything there is a reason.  You are loved by many. As I said I do not know you but you are in my and many others thoughts and prayers.  This was horrific accident, nothing more. 




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