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Free Plastic Surgery -- A News 11 Investigative Report

Lindsay, 22, has a certain confidence in her step now -- compliments of what's in her shirt. "I've just always wanted them. I think breast implants are super sexy."

How much did her new breasts cost her? Not a single dime. Total strangers footed the bill for her new breasts.

She explains, "Currently on our web site there is 20,297 guys willing to donate to boob jobs. I think that's incredible. I love the Internet."

Benefactors donate at least $1.20 each time they email any of the 3,000 women waiting for implants. Lindsay said, "Probably about 10 guys really paid for my boob job."

There have been 41 "boob jobs" paid for and completed since My Free Implants took off two years ago. In fact, 11 of those 41 surgeries happened this month.

Lindsay said, "I went from an A-cup to a double-D." As women's cup sizes grow, so does the business.   

Co-founders Jason Grunstra and Jay Moore expect to raise a million dollars before the year is out.  

What possesses a total stranger to pay for this?

The founders explain, "For some of them, they have a lot of money... a charity type thing. For others, it's like science fiction...creating the perfect woman in their eyes."

They continued, "Guys spend hundreds of dollars on drinks at a bar on women they don't know. This might be a better investment for some guys."

The most amount of money donated by one benefactor is $30,000 in one month by a man from the UK. The founders said they paid for just over three breast surgeries.

Ninety percent of the money that benefactors donate goes directly to the woman's doctor of choice. With advertising that consists of doctor listings on the site and ten percent of the net proceeds, these entrepreneurs are in for a huge payoff, and they're not even 30-years-old. 

In the meantime... women who have received the implants are thrilled. One said she thinks the two founders are brilliant. Another says, "A big thank you to Jason and Jay. You guys are a God send."    

God sends that encourage benefactors to "help improve the women's self esteem and confidence."

Lindsay agrees, "I got something I wanted for free and had fun while doing it." She says her clothes fit better now, and everyone smiles at her more.

Lindsay's benefactors didn't come away completely empty handed. For as little as $1.20 per e-mail, they got to see photos of her new figure.   

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