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Closing arguments finish; jury goes into deliberation

Defense attorney David Klucas Defense attorney David Klucas
Prosecuting attorney Jeff Lingo Prosecuting attorney Jeff Lingo

The closing arguments are finished. Now the case in the hands of the jury. The jury got case about 2:00 Friday afternoon.

During closing arguments, the defense admitted Jobe shot and killed Detective Dressel. Where it goes from there is what's in question. The issue discussed in the closing arguments by defense is that Jobe did not know Dressel was a police officer. His attorney said, "He did what he did without consideration, without reflection, without deliberation because he was provoked. Because the man swung a gun at his head."

Prosecution argued there was no evidence of ever being provoked. Various witnesses including two undercover officers as well as Jobe's old friend, Sherman Powell testified Jobe knew he was a police officer even though the state does not mandate that by law.

Part of the jury instructions included consideration of not only aggravated murder and murder, but manslaughter and even self defense.

Also in closing, the prosecution played portions of Robert Jobe's interrogation tape not heard before, causing gasps in the court room. In the interrogation tape, an emotional moment came when he started sobbing uncontrollably and was comforted by his mother. Prosecutors pointed out his mother telling him to cry and show remorse for an easy break.

The sentence for the various charges is as follows: If convicted of aggravated murder, Jobe will face up to life in prison. If convicted of murder, he could face 15 years to life. Manslaughter would mandate three to 13 years.

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