Guilty verdict in The State Vs. Robert Jobe

The jury handed down a verdict of guilty in the State vs. Robert Jobe. Jobe is the Toledo teen convicted of killing Toledo police detective Keith Dressel.

The jury found him guilty of murder, the second count between aggravated murder and manslaughter. The verdict has a possible sentence between 18 years and life in prison.

Sentencing will take place November 30.

In brief interviews after the verdict, Defense Attorney Dave Klucas said the Jobe family asked that he not share their reaction. Also he stated it's too early to discuss the possibility of an appeal.

Prosecution attorneys said they were generally happy with the outcome, adding that it was a tough case for them because there were no witnesses. They believed the conviction of murder was likely the best outcome they could get in the circumstances.

Police Chief Navarre spoke after the verdict as well as members of the Dressel family. Navarre wanted to clear up that Dressel was in no way a "thug" as the defense strategy referred to him, and also to thank the prosecution for doing a great job.

News 11 was there throughout this case from the night Dressel was killed up through live coverage of the verdict. A complete history of the case can be found online at The State Vs. Robert Jobe. It includes coverage of the shooting, the funeral and the trial as well as the confession video. News 11 will continue to bring you the latest including reaction from the community.

Posted by LS