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Frequently Asked Questions About Surgery

Q:  Why is it called "plastic" surgery?
A:  The word "plastic" means to mold or shape.  Plastic surgery started with the reshaping of replacing of skin on wounds or injuries.  The skin was "molded" or reformed to create a better appearance when healing.

Q:  Why is there cosmetic and reconstructive surgery?
A:  Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure that reshapes the body to enhance a patient's appearance.  These procedures are usually not covered by an insurance carrier because they are elective.  Reconstructive surgery is performed to correct abnormalities of the patient's body due to birth defects, injuries, illness or diseases such as cancer.  These surgical procedures are generally covered to some extent by the patient's insurance if the surgery is deemed medically necessary.

Q:  What type of recovery period can I expect after surgery?
A:  The recovery time varies depending on the type of procedure performed and on each individual person's body.  Most all patients may require some assistance at home for the first day or so after discharge.  After the second day, most patients can take care of themselves but may not be able to perform typical household duties.  Our surgeons will discuss your recuperation time during your private consultation.

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