COSI regroups following defeat at the polls

TOLEDO -- COSI leaders spent Wednesday picking up the pieces and planning for the science museum's future. A pivotal levy was narrowly defeated Tuesday, with 51 percent of voters saying "no," reports News 11's Colleen Wells.

Dr. Michael Walsh, COSI's president, expects COSI could close within 30 days.

"We end up with no money in the middle of December. Unless somebody comes up with money, then we've got to start a shutdown process quickly," Walsh says, admitting optimism is very low.

But COSI leaders say they're not giving up. Walsh says they'll try to secure private donations and grants before giving up.

Families say they're devastated about the defeat.

"I'm sad, as you can tell. The kids like it, and we like it," says Bev Hasselswerth, a visitor to COSI.

City leaders are stepping up with their own plans to save COSI. "We are going to do everything we can, working with the private sector, especially the corporations that brought COSI here, to keep the doors open," says Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

But COSI leaders say they'll need to raise at least $400,000 just to temporarily keep afloat.

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