High school senior 'excited' about new role on school board

Nathan Eikost
Nathan Eikost

MILLBURY, OHIO -- "A lot of people are talking. We talked about it in my government class," says student Tim Williams who attends Lake High School.

The "it" everyone's talking about is actually the quiet upperclassman with a passion for politics. Nathan Eikost is the youngest person ever to be elected to the Lake Local School Board, reports News 11's Tanieya Lewis.

"I am very excited. I have waited for this moment for almost a year now. And I am really excited to start my term," Eikost says.

After a rigorous campaign, Eikost beat out the president of the school board -- who filed as a write-in candidate.

"Our senior class gets involved with everything, and I think a lot of us are actually proud to see Nathan go through for what he's doing," Williams says.

Superintendent Jim Witt says Eikost's win is par for the course, actually. "Nothing surprises me anymore."

Now this honor student will have to juggle his civic duties with is his studies and a list of after-school activities.

"I belong to the National Honor Society. I am the president of the Media Club, which is actually the Library Club. I am also doing Quiz Bowl and Spanish Club," Eikost says.

But his new job won't be child's play. The need for new technology and supplies along with budget troubles will present very adult challenges.

"I think it'll be tough. I think he's got a tough job ahead of him. I think he'll work hard at it, but it's going to be tough," says Tyler Bages, one of Eikost's teachers.

Eikost will begin his term at the December board meeting. That is also when the board will decide on a new president.

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