Library leaders on Lucas County levy

One of the big levies on the ballot Tuesday is the $2-mill replacement levy for the Toledo Lucas County library. If it fails, library leaders say their budget would be cut in half.

In Sylvania, board members from the organization "Read for Literacy" manned a phone bank Monday night pushing for any last-minute votes. They told callers the levy is not a new tax and would ensure normal operations for the library and the circulation of books.

The levy is for five years and would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $60 a year.

Library Marketing Manager Susan Gibney told News 11, "We think when they do get to the polls and they see the word library, they're going to vote yes. We really feel confident with that. It's just getting them there, that's the problem."

Library officials say they will be at polling locations today, trying to rally support for the levy.

Posted by LS