Big day in store for Ohio's 5th Congressional District

Tuesday is going to be a big day for folks in Ohio's 5th Congressional District. They're voting in two elections: a primary and a general election. Elections officials we talked to can't ever remember this happening: double elections on the same day. Some polls could be congested and cramped -- and voters are being urged to be patient, reports News 11's Dick Berry.

"Yes. We've been instructed by the Secretary of State these elections are completely separate. We have to keep the poll lists where they sign in completely separate, the ballots and everything else," says Terry Burton with the Wood County Board of Elections.

That means two sets of sign-up lines and two sets of voting machines. Delays are expected, but there's a way to avoid the back-up.

It is suggested you vote throughout the middle of the day, which tends to be the slower time period for voting. Because of the potential slowdown, the Wood County Board of Elections has seen an increase in absentee voters.

"Just because you have to get in one line, step out, get in another. May slow things down at the polls. May be an issue," says absentee voter Tim Murnen.

The dual vote also requires more poll workers. Wood County has recruited 70 seniors from Elmwood and Otsego high schools.

"We've been learning a lot about the candidates. Our teacher gave us the opportunity to do this and get out of school for the day," says student Tim Reynolds.

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