News 11's Furnace Sting: Who gets burned?

This repairman told a woman that a perfectly good furnace needed to be replaced.
This repairman told a woman that a perfectly good furnace needed to be replaced.

News 11 has been involved in a month-long investigation covering local furnace repair and servicing companies.

We set up our hidden cameras in the basement of a home in west Toledo. We had an expert with 36 years of experience look over our furnace and verify everything was working properly. We then called various Toledo-area furnace repairmen and asked them for a pre-winter check-up.

After checking everything from wires to hoses, cleaning the unit, and replacing the filter we get into place in a hidden room in the home wired up to watch every move.

Cathy acts as the customer; she's wearing a button microphone and camera. The first repair guy tells her he likes to see how the furnaces are working before he does anything.

The repairman explains a few things about the furnace.

"Gas comes on and ignites, this knows when the fire is lit," and tells Cathy everything is running all right.

The next repairman comes in, checks it out and tells Cathy a couple of times the furnace works well.

On Day 2 of our investigation, we bring back our expert to re-verify the furnace is running perfectly fine. Then another company comes in, and he says the furnace is great.

Then a guy and his assistant pay a visit. The company is from Toledo. In just a few minutes of looking at the furnace, he claims something is wrong.

He says, "I should probably bring my carbon monoxide tester." And then, "I'm afraid you're going to have a problem here."

Be sure to watch the video for what happens when he tells Cathy she needs a new furnace.

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