Mass adoption ceremony at COSI

Many parents captured the day with pictures and video.
Many parents captured the day with pictures and video.
NEWS 11's Colleen Wells reporting.
NEWS 11's Colleen Wells reporting.

TOLEDO -- Nearly twenty local kids looking for homes were adopted during a mass adoption ceremony at COSI.

News 11's Colleen Wells reports it was Lucas County's way to help celebrate National Adoption Month.

To an outsider it was a simple order by a judge. But to these kids, it meant a family.

The adopted kids could not stop smiling. One by one or sibling by sibling 16 foster kids were legally placed in permenant homes.

Zack and his brother Dominic were adopted by their Grandma.

"It made a big difference to me. It really sinks in...they're mine now," says Grandma Joyce Dirienz.

Lucas County children's services sponsored the adpotion ceremony. The event helps raise awarness about the the 70 other children in Lucas County still looking for a home.

Robin Reese of Lucas County Children's Services says, "If you can't go home to your family, then you need another family. That's what this is about. People stepping up, saying they'll be your family forever."

As these parents captured the day with pictures and video, Joyce Dirienz wants to send a message to others thinking of adopting.

"Please open up your heart. There are so much children that need the love and attention. And they need a home. A place that's just theirs."

That's something these kids now have.

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