TPS board pres. responds to showing up in conduct database

We have new information on a story News 11 brought you on the president of the Toledo school board.

An arrest on his record showed up in a new statewide database that allows anyone to check teacher records for disciplinary action.

Steve Steel spoke with News 11's education reporter, Tanieya Lewis.

He was somewhat reluctant to talk, but in the end, Steel says he's taking responsibility for his past and looking ahead to the future. The top member of the Toledo school board is no stranger to the spotlight, often speaking out on issues that plague Toledo Public Schools. Once again, he speaking out...this time, in his own defense. "I've made mistakes outside my work as an educator, and I take responsibility for them."

The state just rolled out its new Educator Conduct Search. It's a database that lists every time a teacher's license was put in jeopardy.

A quick search of Toledo Public Schools revealed ten names with Steve Steel being one of them, listing a 2002 conviction for disorderly conduct by intoxication. "I was at a place that I had every right to be with friends. Some people got belligerent, and we got arrested, and that was that."

He says the incident actually happened in 1998 and that he'd finished teaching at TPS nearly a year and a half prior, but he still worked to get his license back. "I took responsibility, paid my fine, moved on. "

Though he knew that his mistakes would crop up some day, Steel wants to be known for his efforts as a district leader and not old incidents.

News 11 also contacted the Toledo Police Department. Officials say Steel was also arrested for driving under the influence. Steel explains the charge was lowered to reckless driving as there was no proof he had been drinking.

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