Emotions run high during opening arguments in Jobe trial

Defense Attorney Ann Boronas
Defense Attorney Ann Boronas

Opening statements took place Friday in the emotionally charged murder trial of a teen accused of killing a Toledo police detective.

News 11 had team coverage beginning with Terry Thill live at the Lucas County Common Pleas Courthouse.

A slain police officer, a 15-year-old being tried as an adult and a jury that was reminded several times that the defendant, Robert Jobe, is innocent until proven guilty.

The main issue though seems to be if it was murder or aggravated murder.

After Judge Charles Doneghy gave instructions to the jurors, the prosecution and the defense gave their opening statements. Jobe, in a pin-striped suit, sat quietly watching the proceedings.

Defense Attorney Ann Boronas says the main issue is whether on the fateful night Detective Keith Dressel was shot to death, Jobe knew Dressel was a police officer. She said the shooting of Dressel was certainly not aggravated murder or even murder. Boronas said, "What happened that night was a scared kid trying to defend himself from a 300-pound thug with a gun, trying to killing him."

Prosecutor Dean Mandross said yes, Detective Dressel was indeed a 300-pound, 6-foot tall man, who was a police officer. Mandross said, Dressel and the two undercover officers with him clearly let Jobe and his friend Sherman Powell know that was the case. In opening arguments, Dressel said, "They took out a badge, shouted 'police' loud and clear. That is for self preservation."

The difference between a murder or aggravated murder conviction is basically more time in prison with aggravated murder meaning life in prison.

The first witnesses will be called to the stand on Monday.

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