Dog was 'accidentally' euthanized

Diamond, the Chartrand family dog.
Diamond, the Chartrand family dog.

A family went to the dog warden looking for their lost dog. They found it, and wanted to pick it up. However, when they went back, it wasn't there.

The family was horrified to learn what had happened. It has upset them so much, they're now turning to News 11 Problem Solver Mika Highsmith.

Owner Sharon Chartrand said, "We took her in cleaned her up." Since day one, Chartrand has been attached to Diamond, a black lab she rescued about a year ago. "We found her in the alley behind our house and decided to keep her."

Imagine her disgust when she couldn't save her dog two weeks ago. Diamond jumped out of the car window at an intersection and darted down the street. "I was devastated. I was sick. I couldn't handle it."

The Chartrands went on a hunt. "We put signs up and searched the neighborhood. That hunt ended at the dog wardens office with good news. Chartrand explains, "We seen her there."

That relief quickly turned bad. You see, the Chartrands had to come up with their adoption fee. Chartrand said, "They made us sign a waiver saying if you don't come back in two days, then they can put her up for adoption or put her to sleep." But by the time they arrived the next day, it was already too late. "They accidentally put her to sleep," Chartrand told News 11.

The office at the dog warden made a clerical mistake -- one that cost Diamond her life and this family lots of grief.

She could have been put up for adoption. There is no reason why they had to put her to sleep.

Dog Warden Tom Skeldon apologized sincerely for the mistake, offering the family another dog. At this point, the Chartrands are just too hurt and confused to accept.

Highsmith reports, "It's a tough situation, but one you can prevent from happening. If your dog is lost and unlicensed, you have three business days to pick it up from the warden. If your dog is licensed, you get 14 days after you receive a certified letter letting you know your dog is there.

Bottom line, make sure your dog is licensed. It's the safest bet.

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