Jury seated for Jobe trial

Robert Jobe and attorneys in court during jury selection
Robert Jobe and attorneys in court during jury selection

The final cut is took place Thursday in The State vs. Robert Jobe. It will has been narrowed down to 12 jurors and four alternates.

The original pool of around 90 potential jurors had already been narrowed down to 47 at the start of Thursday's proceedings.

During the jury questioning, Robert Jobe was seated in the courtroom in a pin-striped suit.

Prosecutors asked potential jurors questions including how familiar they are with the area of north Toledo where Detective Dressel was killed, if they have ever shot a gun, and if they know any witnesses in the case.

The prosecutor, judge and the defense agreed on nine men and seven women. Almost all are parents. Several prospective jurors raised concerns that they know Toledo police officers and others who worked on the case. Some were excused including a former police officer and a neighbor of a Lucas County prosecutor. However, those who made the cut still include a former officer for a total of four people who worked in law enforcement, a former soldier and a woman who used to be married to a cop.

Two members of Detective Keith Dressel's family were in court today seated in the front row.

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