Community response to smoking ban editorial

WTOL General Manager Bob Chirdon's editorial on the push to overturn Ohio's smoking ban has fired up smokers and non-smokers alike. Here's what some of you had to say.

Charles wrote, "What these antis don't get -- the voters of Ohio approved the smoking ban. Game over!"

Vicky said, "If you don't like smoke, exercise your freedom to stay away."

"That was the rudest editorial I've ever read. It's no secret Issue 5 was a scam the way it was presented to the voters," replied Joe from Toledo.

Louise went on to say, "There should be a way to solve this problem for smokers and non-smokers that would make us all happy. It gets really cold outside in the winter."

Luther had this to say. "If a business owner owns the building he/she operates from, it is personal property. No one forces anyone into a bar/restaurant."

And finally, Derek responded, "I am a non-smoker. I'll support the rights of a business owner to allow smoking, but I'll financially support the business that chooses no smoking."

I'm Bob Chirdon. It will be interesting to see if this topic generates enough interest to get it back on the ballot.

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