Jury selection for Jobe trial to be completed Thursday

The third day of jury selection in the trial has wrapped up, and the final jury should be in place by Thursday.

Prosecutors and Jobe's defense attorneys had a pool of 92 potential jurors to question this week. They called it quits Wednesday after talking to 78 of them and holding back 47.

Tomorrow's the "voire dire." That's when the remaining candidates will be narrowed down to 12 jurors and four alternates.

Friday, those who made the final cut will visit the intersection of Bush and Ontario up in north Toledo. That's the site of the shooting death of Detective Keith Dressel back in February. The defense for accused killer Robert Jobe expressed concerns Wednesday on just what the jurors would see there.

Dave Klucas, Jobe's attorney said, "If there were to be some teddy bears or some flowers as a reminder of the events that transpired there, one could see why the defense would find it completely inappropriate."

The schedule for the trial at this point looks like this:

Thursday will be the general voire dire.

Friday will start with the jury view. Then jurors will receive preliminary instructions, instructions, and the trial's opening statements will be heard.

This puts the first witness taking the stand on Monday morning.

Robert Jobe has the option to visit the crime scene as well either Thursday or Friday, but there's no indication at this point that he plans to do so.

News 11 will bring the trial live once it starts, both on wtol.com and on News 11's Buckeye digital cable channel 111.

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