Video of beer can attack on OSU fans investigated

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Penn State is expressing regret after someone posted a video online showing two apparent Ohio State fans pelted by beer cans from a large group wearing Penn State colors.

In the video on, the cans are thrown at a pair wearing Ohio State numbered jerseys to shouts of "Get outta here!" as they walk away from an outdoor party full of people wearing white and blue T-shirts.

The posting says the video was shot during a frat party on Saturday, before Ohio State's game at Penn State. The Buckeyes beat the Nittany Lions 37-17.

Spokeswoman Annemarie Mountz says Penn State is "saddened" over the video and says it's not what the university is all about.

University police are investigating.

While trying to link this story to the YouTobe video, News 11 discovered the video has been withdrawn from the site.

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