Preventing robberies is No. 1 with this store owner

TOLEDO -- Tired of all the robberies going on, Ahmed Mahmoud has decided to take matters into his own hands at 6-12 Mini Mart.

"With all the stuff that is going on with the convenient stores and robberies and people getting hurt, I decided to install a camera system on the outside and the inside with the audio so I can see who's coming in, who's leaving," Mahmoud told News 11's Jennifer Boresz on Tuesday.

With a total of eight cameras inside and two outside, no one can hide from Mahmoud's watchful eye.

"I try to make this place safe for the customers and my employees when I'm not around and the neighbors are happy with what I did here so far," Mahmoud said.

Sgt. Richard Murphy is also happy, not only as a Toledo police officer, but as a customer.

"I think Ahmed is way ahead of the game. He's got everything set and ready to go. He runs a pretty good store here because I come and get my coffee here all the time, so I think it's a plus," Murphy said.

Along with the cameras, Mahmoud puts up signs with strict rules, and he says he hopes other local store owners will do the same. He's also hoping the city passes legislation for mandatory special use permits in city-owned carry outs.

"They should pass it because these store owners, all they care about is making money. They don't want to make their stores safe to the customers. They just make money and not worry about nothing and I care about my customers to come in my store safe and leave safe," Mahmoud said.

He says spending the extra money on all of these monitors and equipment is worth it. "You follow the rules you won't have no problems. You don't follow the rules, you're gonna have problems," he says.

So far, Mahmoud is a testament to that because since he took over the store in January, he hasn't had a single problem.

Posted by KO