Jobe Trial Day 2: Continued jury selection

Robert Jobe being led into the court room.
Robert Jobe being led into the court room.

Tuesday begins the second day of one of the year's most watched murder trials. Robert Jobe is on trial, accused of gunning down Toledo police detective Keith Dressel back in February.

It will be a busy day in the courthouse with the process of choosing a jury continuing. A larger than normal jury pool of about 90 people were asked to fill out questionnaires stating what they know about the case.

The questionnaire is nine pages and asks for some of the following information from a potential juror:

  • gender, marital status, race, number of children
  • employment details including law enforcement or security experience
  • spouse's employment details
  • any previous experiences on a jury
  • past criminal investigations or charges
  • relatives or close friends who have been the victim of a crime
  • positive or negative experiences with police officers
  • lists of tv shows watched regularly (specifically Cops, America's Most Wanted, CSI and Law and Order)
  • lists of magazines, newspapers and books read regularly
  • hobbies

Other questions include "Generally speaking, do you consider yourself to be: very conservative, conservative, liberal, or very liberal?" Also"If you were the defendant, is there any reason you would not want someone in your state of mind on the jury?"

It is still early in the jury selection process, which may last all week.

In the trial, Jobe's confession will be used, but not his criminal history. He could face life-in-prison without parole, but cannot face the death penalty.

News 11 will be closely watching the case, and will bring you updates on the air and on the web as they happen.

Posted by LS