BG wins "best hometown" award

Bowling Green Mayor John Quinn is one of many BG residents excited about this award.
Bowling Green Mayor John Quinn is one of many BG residents excited about this award.

A major honor for a local city. Bowling Green has some hometown bragging rights. Dick Berry of the News 11 Wood County Bureau reported from BG with the details.

Bowling Green now has something in common with the towns of Chilocothe, Delaware, Independence and Miamisburg. Ohio magazine says they're the best hometowns in the state.

When you walk around Bowling Green, there's plenty of proud folks.

When asked what qualities make a good hometown, BG resident  Treva Corkwell responded, "The people are nice. There's a lot to do."

Resident Adam West said, "I feel more at home here in town than I have any other place I've ever lived."

Ohio magazine has taken notice too. Bowling Green has been selected one of Ohio's four best hometowns. It's the cover story in the November issue, and leaders plan to use the news as a marketing tool.

Bowling Green Mayor John Quinn, said "I think it will be great to encourage people to buy a home here, or to come here for the school system."

Ohio magazine chose Bowling Green based on several criteria including entertainment. The annual national tractor pull is the number one event. Wendy Stram of the BG Convention and Visitors Bureau said, "It brings 60-80,000 folks on any given year."

Another factor: community spirit. Resident Rob Allen said, "We've got a real good rec department now in town. New community center now."

Then there's heritage, such as BGSU. The list goes, safety cultural attractions. Resident Kay Scherreik said, "We've got cultural connections, sports and a small town feel."

There's environment. Nothing symbolizes that more than the wind turbines, which are the number one tourist attraction in BG. Stram said, "We've had motor coaches that have come in with more than 50 people on them that visit the turbines."

All visitors can find out more about Bowling Green's hometown appeal in Ohio magazine.

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