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Monster Roll

One square sheet of orange seaweed

Roll Fillings:
4 oz. tempura white tuna
1/4 of an avocado, sliced
1/4" cut strips of a egg omelet
A pinch of yellow caviar

Topped With:
4 oz. crab meet
3 tsp. mayonnaise
A pinch of sesame oil
A pinch of black caviar
2 oz. red pepper sauce drizzled over top

Line the inside of the orange seaweed with the tuna, sliced avocado, egg omelet strips and yellow caviar.
2.  Roll the orange seaweed up, forming a tightly packed sushi roll.
3.  Mix the crab meat and mayonnaise together.
4.  Top the roll with crab meet, sesame oil and black caviar, then drizzle red pepper sauce over top.

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