Children abandoned while father abducted mother

Vincent Williams, accused of abducting ex-girlfriend and leaving their two young children on the sidewalk.
Vincent Williams, accused of abducting ex-girlfriend and leaving their two young children on the sidewalk.

The hunt is over tonight for a Toledo man police say beat and kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and abandoned their toddler and infant.

It happened in the 2400 block of Cheyenne boulevard around midnight Tuesday.  News 11's Lisa Rantala reported the details from south Toledo.

Police arrested this father hours later, but not before the two-year old and three-month old were left on the sidewalk at midnight in 40 degree temperatures in front of their apartment building.

The father, 26 year-old Vincent Williams, was surrounded by cops heading into the Lucas County jail Wednesday.

Tim Noble of the Toledo Police Department said, "The kids could get cold, could get hit by a car."

It all started when Williams was dropping off his ex-girlfriend and her children at her sister's house. The two reportedly got into a fight. A neighbor said,  "I just heard some screaming about 3:30 in the morning." Police say Williams pulled the kids out of the car and kidnapped the mother.

Noble asked, "What would be going through someone's mind to put two small children on the side of the road and go off an leave them?"

According to police, Williams hit the mother, kicked her, tore off some of her clothes and threw her purse and cell phone out the window. They say she couldn't get out. Noble commented, "Apparently there was some malfunction on the passenger's side door, and he assaulted her repeatedly."

The women tried grabbing the steering wheel and gear shift to get him to stop. Police say Williams drove the woman back to his mother's house where she was able to call relatives to look for her kids.

"The two year-old had wandered off and was in the basement of a nearby apartment building," Noble explained, "kind of curled up, just trying to stay warm." The three month-old was still strapped in his car seat on the sidewalk. Both children were unharmed, and now Williams is facing charges of domestic violence, assault, abduction and endangering his own children.

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