Kathy Newlove speaks to the man who killed her daughter

This is a transcript of the statement Kathy Newlove read in court on October 22 at the sentencing of her daughter's killer, Daniel Craig.

Characters, like a photograph develops in darkness, most of them take form but some remain dark. The evil in your eyes, Craig, was always so apparent to me. Why didn't Alicia see it sooner? He beat, raped and tied up my daughter. He stuffed socks in her mouth, put bleach in her eyes and mouth, belittled her, stole from her, broke anything and everything she ever treasured. He called her horrific names, broke into her home, stalked her, threatened her, kicked her in the stomach while she was pregnant, beat her some more and finally killed her in the presence of her beloved children and took their mother from them for eternity.


I can only thank God that she found Mitchell in the end.  He truly loved her and treated her with the respect that she deserved.  He adored her and her children and they adored him. Their final time together as a family was jumping on the trampoline, playing softball and barbecuing their LAST meal.  Mitchell relayed to me that he knew that something terrible was going to happen to his newfound family, but he chose to stand by Alicia and her children no matter what the consequences. Mitchell is our HERO. Mitchell's final words to the children (as he lay dyeing) were, "don't worry kids, don't worry, everything's going to be okay", then he took his last breath.


You're a vicious predatory animal, a sadistic sociopath. You let your ego and jealously suffuse you and burn away whatever conscience you might have once had.  You are a product of the environment you were raised in, but you didn't have to be, you chose to be.  In the 2-½ hour drive to BG you could have changed your mind or while you laid in wait and WATCHED until all was dark at the little house on Parker Street where an innocent family slept.  You killed Alicia long before you murdered her. You entrapped her in a relationship where she became a possession and the focus of obsessive jealousy.  At some point she finally stopped loving you (the man who trapped her) and finally found peace with herself.  That was her last mistake. She fell out of love.

I want everyone to feel the last moment she was alive. Before your frenzied brutal attack, you purposely turned on the lights, so she could see you with the gun, and so that she knew she was going to die.  Her 10 year old heard her screaming frantically for her life and then heard the gunshots- 5 of them for Alicia and 4 for Mitchell.  How could you do this to my only daughter?  How could you take the children's mother away and let them see that you had blown her head away?  Do you know Craig, that Katie felt for her mother's heartbeat and that Madison and Rhyan covered her bloodied body?

You made a conscious decision to murder Alicia and Mitchell.  Their murders were planned and calculated.  You struck while they slept, you COWARD!!

There was no way for me to know that March 28th was the last time I'd see my beautiful daughter.  BUT YOU KNEW IT! 

How dare you murder my baby girl.  I miss my daughter so much, she was my best friend.  I miss her smile, her beautiful blue eyes and her funny little laugh and I miss being her mom.  But most of all you took her away from her beloved children.  She'll never see them go to the prom, graduate, get married, or have children of their own, and the son she cherished so much, will never even know her.

How different our lives have become.  My daughter and I talked at least 5 times a day.  I'll never turn down Parker Street again and see my daughter in what she called her "Happy House", I miss you so much Alicia, I'll never stop loving you.  Time has stopped for me, and I have such a huge hole in my heart.

I've only dreamed of Alicia once although, I pray to dream of her often.  She stepped from behind a building and looked at me and smiled.  I screamed "ALICIA" and she vanished.  How I wish I could have finished that dream.  That is all I have left are dreams of my only daughter not for my only daughter.

She had a loving family and finally a future (that she had worked so hard for) that seemed to promise a life of happiness.

She and Mitchell are now TOGETHER for eternity! You may have taken their lives, Craig, but they won the war. You thought if you couldn't have her, then no one could, well you were wrong!

It is with great passion that I have written these words Craig, now let justice be served! Your RAGE has destroyed many lives and it is a positive thing that you will never be free to hurt anyone else again. Your face will take on the yellow white of prison pallor.  Neither drugs nor your childhood release you from culpability. You will now lye in a jail cell, where you will die slowly, naturally (unlike Alicia and Mitchell), loaded down with loneliness, regrets and despair.

I pray to God that your genes have nothing to do with the lives of my grandchildren, but that the kind and loving home my son and Sarah are raising them in will make them what they become.

This isn't just me talking to you Craig, it's also Alicia. I'm glad Alicia found Mitchell and that they will remain together forever. The consequences of your actions will remand you to an extended stay in a dark and dank prison cell for probably the next 50 years, but that will be nothing compared to where you will spend eternity.

I will continue on Craig, with my daughter's legacy, ALICIA'S VOICE, to do whatever I can to try to prevent this tragedy from happening to anyone else's family and through her there will be much stiffer laws against COWARDS like you!

Alicia's life will not have been in vain, I will see to that!

I have one question for you Craig? If you had any bullets left, would Katie have been next, as she stood at her mother's bedroom door?, As you were walking out of the room? How about Madison or Rhyan?

Posted by KO