Lucas County Board of Elections needs help

LUCAS COUNTY -- The November 6 election is just two weeks away, and once again, the Lucas County Board of Elections is asking for your help.

The Board of Elections needs both Democratic and Republican poll workers to man each of the county's nearly 500 precincts. But this election, they are especially in need of registered Democrats to serve as what's called presiding judges over each of those precincts.

"All the council races, there's six of them this time that are in. We have two people that are running unopposed, but their names will still be on the ballot," said Jill Kelly, director of the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Besides the six Toledo city council races, there are four countywide tax levies on the ballot and a list of other levies and issues. More than 1,000 poll workers are already in place to work the election, but more than 1,000 are still wanted.

"They're the ones that will make sure that the memory cards get put in the boxes and sealed and that the memory card box gets delivered to where it's supposed to go," Kelly said.

Under State law, presiding judges come from the political party that carried the precinct in the previous election for governor.

"Previous to this gubernatorial election, the presiding judges were Republican and when Mr. Strickland won, a Democrat, in any precinct in which he won -- as he is a Democrat -- the presiding judge must be a Democrat," Kelly explained.

Counties across the State are also pushing for student poll workers -- like in Cuyahoga County where nearly 1,500 poll workers are students.

"We've gotten a good response, I should say, from the outlying schools, areas of the county," said Dan Pilrose, deputy director of Lucas County Board of Elections. Two-hundred students are set to work in Lucas County.

If you're interested in helping out, call (419) 213-4001.

Posted by KO