Loose siding's making her lose patience

"It was ugly and it needed to be demolished," says Roseann Jemison about a house in her neighborhood that was taken down. "It was dangerous. I was thinking it would catch fire and get me. It was in bad condition."

But now she has another problem -- loose siding, caused, she says, by a careless forklift operator, the same one that demolished the eyesore next door.

"He hit the side of my house," Jemison says, adding that she's called the city numerous times, but, "No one has fixed it."

"I have complained, and all I get is 'Leave your name and phone number and we'll get back' and they don't," she complains.

She says that's why she contacted Call 11 for Action's Mika Highsmith.

Unfortunately, the City of Toledo has sovereign immunity when it comes to being liable for damages caused by urban renewal. However, the city's law department is still investigating this case, and a decision will be made by the end of the month, Mika reports.

Posted by KO