Murder suspect's chilling confession heard in Toledo court

Tammy Macrae was shot to death in August.
Tammy Macrae was shot to death in August.

TOLEDO -- In court on Monday, a suspected Toledo killer explained in detail how he killed his girlfriend, Tammy Macrae, reports News 11's Lisa Rantala. News 11 had the only camera in the courtroom for the suppression hearing.

Lawrence Jameson's attorney, Robert Scott, is trying to get Jameson's taped interrogation thrown out.

In the tape, you hear Jameson describe what happened.

"She just kept on and kept on. I'm trying to, I'm asking her, 'Why did you call the cops?'" Jameson says in the 45-min. interrogation conducted after he was arrested and police found Macrae dead in his apartment.

"She's talking like, you know, 'You put a gun to my head. You're threatening me. I'm telling the police officer,'" Jameson says in the tape.

Jameson said the two had been drinking, and Macrae called the cops and threatened to lie. He said he lost it.

"I grabbed the piece," Jameson says.

"Where was it?" Detective Larry Anderson asks in the tape, to which Jameson replies, "In the closet."

He said he put a clip in the gun and headed to the bathroom. That's where Macrae was packing her things. Jameson said he waited until she turned around. He said he shot her in the chest.

"She started going down," Jameson can be heard saying. "Then I popped her in the head."

Police showed up after the shooting, and Jameson gave himself up four hours later.

His attorney says Jameson drank alcohol during the standoff and was too drunk to waive his right to an attorney before the confession.

"If they had done a breathalyzer test, I think it would have come out that my client was well over the legal limit," says Robert Scott.

Even if the statements aren't used, the Macrae family knows they are words they'll never forget.

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