Possible serial arsonist in central Toledo

TOLEDO -- Sunday was quite a night for firefighters in central Toledo.

They responded to a vacant house fire in the 2400 block of Hollywood only to be called back to the same house later that night. As firefighters were putting out that second blaze, neighbors spotted another vacant house two doors down that was also burning. Firefighters put out both blazes before they were able to spread, and no one was hurt.

Just a short time later, one firefighter was injured fighting flames in a vacant house in the 1200 block of Campbell in central Toledo. Crews say someone threw something with an accelerant through the window to set the house on fire. A firefighter fell through a hole that had burned in the floor. He was taken to a hospital to be checked out, and his injuries are minor. The house was badly damaged.

Residents say they're glad the fire didn't spread to their homes, but are afraid of what could happen next time. Fire crews are also concerned they may have a serial arsonist on their hands.

Acting Fire Chief Mike Wolever says it appears the fires in vacant homes were set by just one or two people. In total, two fires were set on Blum Street Sunday night and one on Elizabeth as well as one at a house on Hollywood that went up in flames twice in a few hours.

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