OH and MI among highest deer-car accidents

Sympathy messages like this one.. "In total shock, absolutely terrible, we are all thinking about you".. continue to go up on myspace.com for an Australian rock band.

Police say their SUV swerved to avoid a deer on the Ohio turnpike in Olmstead Falls Thursday night, then overturned, killing one band member and his wife.

Lt. Michael Wiederman of the state highway patrol in Swanton said "Typically in September, October and November. That's the time of year when deer are going to be running in rural areas."

At Steve Grabke's body shop on Angola, an employee said, "They're" working on at least three cars right now because of deer accidents." Carl Burleson explained, "It broke the drive axel, ruined the rim on it .. It's about $4500 worth of damage on this car."

A Honda Civic was brought in from the turnpike near Swanton just yesterday. The driver says a deer hit the hood, windshield and then the roof. It was so powerful the airbags blew!

As the weather gets colder, chances of seeing deer on or near our roadways will only go up.

Between now and December, deer become more active as they enter their peak breeding season, and already we're seeing plenty of deer-vehicle crashes.

Joe Schuette of Steve Grabke's body shop said, "A deer collision can run you anywhere from $3,000 all the way up to $7- 8,000. It depends on the damage."

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says if you see a deer in the road, expect more to be nearby. Be cautious if there are trees and wooded areas near a roadway. This is true mostly in rural areas, but also in the city, near the metroparks, especially at dawn and after sunset.

Officers say if you're in a situation when a deer runs out in the road, you may not have many choices.  Lt. Wiederman says, "Slow down and take evasive action if you can. If not, you're just going to have to strike the animal."

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