Neighbors react to hunt for North Toledo rapist

For nearly twenty years, Cynthia Gill has called north Toledo home -- walking, without much worry. Now, with a possible rapist on the loose, all bets are off. News 11's Colleen Wells spoke with neighbors in this frightened community.

"It's very scary," Gill said, "You never know when to walk out your door."

Increased police presence is hard to miss. Officers are stopping dozens of people matching suspect descriptions; conducting field interviews and looking for answers. Officers said, "We're leaving no rock unturned. Our detectives, our street crews are quite amazing."

Toledo Deputy Police Chief Don Kenney says officers need any help or information from the community because the suspected rapist is an extremely dangerous man. "Experience has shown this type of individual does not stop. They usually go until they're caught. Hopefully, we catch him before he strikes again."

That's something everyone who lives in this neighborhood, people like Cynthia Gill, say cannot happen soon enough. "I always watch what's going on around me because I constantly walk. So I have to constantly keep watching my back, checking people out."

For now, extra vigilance is all these neighbors say they have until the suspected rapist is off their sidewalks and behind bars.

Posted by LS