TPS holds news conference to discuss safety

TOLEDO -- The Toledo Public School District is reeling after a rash of attacks, reports News 11's Tanieya Lewis.

On Friday, TPS Superintendent John Foley addressed the community, attempting to reassure parents that the district is doing everything it can to keep kids safe.

Three kids on their way to Woodward High School on Thursday were the most recent victims. Two boys were allegedly robbed, and a girl allegedly raped -- all three were separate incidents, and all three happened within 30 minutes of each other.

In a press conference, all building principals were reminded of their role in keeping kids safe. Foley says all of the principals are equipped for that purpose.

Each has access to metal detectors and help from Toledo police and firefighters. The buildings are equipped with safety technology. But in the end, that means principals play dual roles-- as educator and police officer.

"We want to invite parents into our schools, but then we have to make sure there's security in place to make sure. So it's a balancing act. And we want to make sure they're welcome. We also want to make sure that they're there for the right reasons," Foley said

The principals also undergo year-round safety training, Foley said.

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