Hawk attacks dog in Maumee

MAUMEE -- Could our weather be creating a dangerous situation for your pets? One neighborhood in Maumee is aware of the problem, reports News 11's Jonathan Walsh.

Published reports show weather conditions are ideal for the annual hawk migration. Thousands of birds of prey are flying through our area, and people in the Junior Dr. neighborhood of Maumee know what that means: bad news for their pets.

Alice Lewinski described a bird of prey that attacked her 2-lb. Chihuahua, Patty, late Tuesday afternoon right in her backyard.

"I looked at the gate and there the hawk had Patty," Lewinski said, adding that the bird was 2 to 3 ft. tall and had a big wing span. She rushed to free Patty.

"I just went over there and I took my shoe off and I hit the bird in the head," she said, "but he wouldn't let her go."

Lewinski started screaming for help. Chad Henck was next door helping cut down a tree.

"It had its one claw up here and the other wrapped around the dog. You couldn't hardly see the dog. That's why I was like, what kind of bird is that," Henck said.

He didn't waste any time as he jumped the fence and ran toward the bird.

"I walked up to it gave it a kick. It didn't let go at first, so I kicked it again. It didn't let go so I kicked it a third time and it finally let go," he said.

Patty made it to safety, but not without getting cut up on the chest, face and the elbow of her leg. Jen Mag, Lewinski's neighbor, says she saw the bird on Sunday.

"It was hovering on the fence looking at our cats. We had our cats outside so we were kind of keeping an eye on it and we got the cats inside," Mag said.

Good news: Patty's just fine after her harrowing experience.

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