Lucas County Issues for Nov 07 ballot

Below is a complete list of issues to appear on the Novemebr 6, 2007 general election ballot. To read the complete ballot language, visit the Lucas County Board of Elections web site.

1. Shall Substitute Senate Bill No. 16, be approved?

2. Providence Township Replacement Tax Levy (Fire; 2.5 mills)

3. Richfield Township Renewal Tax Levy (Fire; 2.5 mills)

4. Springfield Township Zoning Amendment (6901 Garden Road)

5. Sylvania Township Additional Tax Levy (Fire; 1.5 mills)

6. Sylvania Township & Sylvania City Additional Tax Levy (Fire; 0.5 mills)

7. Sylvania Township & Sylvania City Bond Issue (Fire; 0.5 mills)

8. Oregon City Schools Additional Tax Levy (Operating Expenses; 5.9 mills)

9. Otsego Local School District Income Tax (Current Expenses; 0.5%)

10. Ottawa Hills Local School District Additional Tax Levy (Current Operating Expenses; 5.5 mills)

11. Springfield Local School District Bond Issue (Construction; 1.1 mills)

12. Swanton Local School District Renewal Tax Levy (Emergency Requirements; 3.99 mills)

13. T.A.R.T.A Replacement Tax Levy (1.5 mills)

14. C.O.S.I Additional Tax Levy (Maintenance and Operation; 0.17 mills)

15. Metroparks Replacement Tax levy (1.4 mills)

16. Library Replacement Tax Levy (Current Expenses; 2 mills)

17. Maumee, Precinct 5 Local Option (Gianno's at the Inn, Sunday Sales)

18. Oregon, Precinct 5 Local Option (Oregon Fuel Mart, Sunday Sales)

19. Oregon, Precinct 14 Local Option (Buffalo Wild Wings, Sunday Sales)

20. Sylvania City Additional Tax Levy ( Fire; 1.5 mills)

21. Sylvania City, Precinct 17 Local Option (Andersons, Sunday Sales)

22. Toledo Charter Amendment (Section 45 Mayor's Budget Estimate)

23. Berkey Village Additional Tax Levy (Improvements of the village hall; 0.75 mills)

24. Berkey Village Additional Tax Levy (Current Operating Expenses; 0.75 mills)

25. Waterville Village Charter Amendment (Village Elections)

26. Waterville Village Charter Amendment (Financial Procedures)

27. Waterville Village Charter Amendment (Commissions and Boards)

28. Waterville Village Charter Amendment (Term Limits - Council)

29. Waterville Village Charter Amendment (Term Limits - Mayor)

30. Waterville, Precinct 1 Local Option (Keeter's Sports Bar & Grill, Sunday Sales)

Posted by LS