Parents protesting "bullying" TPS teacher

TOLEDO -- Some parents are threatening to pull their kids from Toledo Public Schools.

Their kids attend East Side Central Elementary, and they say a third-grade teacher is bullying them.

News 11's Tanieya Lewis went to the school to investigate, and the parents she spoke with said the teacher can be downright mean. Parents said she insults the children, sometimes right in front of them.

That's why they don't want their kids attending the school anymore.

Frustrated TPS parent Norma Graser said, "It's more like the tone she takes than what she says. But she has said some things that are wrong, like "mind your own damn business."

Another parent Rachelle Leduc said, "My son is a third-grader, and she's insulting my child by standing there in front of him saying that he's in third grade reading at a first-grader's level."

Graser said she noticed changes in her son at the start of the school year. "I first noticed when the night before he would say he didn't want to go to school the next day. And I would say why? Then he'd say "I just don't." Then he'd say his stomach hurt. Then he'd say it hurts when he swallows."

She does not want her son identified, but Graser says he was once a model student. Just last year...he got mostly a's and bee's. He had perfect attendance, and was even on the principal's list. That was until the teacher kicked him, though both sides say "accidentally."

Graser said, "Ever since then he's been afraid of her. He doesn't even want to walk down the hallway when she's in the hallway. He asks me to please turn around and go the other way.. And I'm with him, and he still don't want to."

News 11 has learned the teacher's name is Mrs. Goslak. A TPS spokesperson says she was put on a leave of absence two years ago, though aren't saying why.

Now the principal is talking with Mrs. Goslak, parents, and other school officials. If necessary, personnel action will be taken. But it seems parents have had enough. LeDuc said, "We're being told that at this time that the other classrooms are full to capacity, because we've already had children leave Mrs. Goslak's class."

Graser said, "I'm going to withdraw him from Toledo Public Schools."

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