Swept away by a smooth-talking vacuum cleaner salesman

Sara Gregg says she thought she purchased a 6-month free trial for a vacuum cleaner. The price? $2,400.

It's true, the vacuum cleaner does get the job done. But, Gregg says she "had no intention of buying it."

When the door-to-door salesman told her she could have it for 6 months, well, she was pleased. But then she found out he wasn't exactly on the level.

So, she contacted Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith for help.

"The guy won't come and get it. He refused," Gregg complains now. "I was forced to pay it off because it was a 25 percent interest rate."

But, she's not the only one who got swept away by the offer.

"He's scammed me, my sister and an elderly couple from Delta, and we don't know where he's at," Gregg laments.

Now, of course, Gregg admits she made a mistake.

"If you need it, go buy it yourself. Scamming door-to-door is easy, especially for the elderly. They trust people. I trusted this guy, too," she says.

Posted by KO