Water-proofed basement won't stop leaking

TOLEDO -- She found a problem and paid to get it fixed, but says the problem is even worse. We're talking about a leak in the basement, causing all kinds of problems for a south Toledo woman.

After trying to get the contractor's attention, she's now turning to Call 11 for Action Problem Solver Mika Highsmith for help.

Kim Williams had her basement water proofed for one reason: to keep water out. It's still coming in, however, and Williams says it's been flowing freely, when it rains since the work was done.

"It's been a problem for two years," she said. The leaking water is staining the floors and creating mold. Problems Williams has been trying deal with and has contacted the contractor several times. "I haven't been able to get him back for two years," she explained.

The initial cost: $10,000. Williams said, "We had to mortgage our whole house just to get it done." She can't afford to give up and says she won't until this water stops flowing and the job she paid for is done right.

"I thought you could help me to get some one back and make the repairs. I've been hoping you can help."

Bottom line here is  before you hire a contractor, know who you're hiring. Do your research by checking with the Better Business Bureau and checking for licenses. Also know what you're getting. Get everything in writing: the estimate, the contract and the warranty.

Lucky for Williams, the contractor that did her job is willing to help out here even though he claims the leak was caused when a wall collapsed and her one year warranty ran out.

Posted by LS