WTOL Editorial: Let's say 'yes' to the library levy

The Library levy should be approved.

The Toledo Lucas County Public Library is a crown jewel of our community. And as far as your tax dollars go, hey, you've gotten your money's worth.

I'm standing in the main library (he is, just watch the video). This is an amazing place.

It has an area dedicated to children. It's about discovery and learning and it 'wows' every time.

This is a technology center that is fabulous and free.

And of course there are books -- more than 3.5 million of them.

If the library levy doesn't pass, things will change. Service hours will be cut back, including on weekends. And needed materials won't be bought. There will just be less of everything.

I'm Bob Chirdon. I think supporting the library is one of the things we have done really well. I hope you vote for Issue 16. It's your library. And it's special.

Posted by KO