Boy with gun taken into custody at Toledo school

TOLEDO -- Toledo Police arrested a teenaged boy on Wednesday at Robinson Jr. High on Horace Ave.

The boy had been seen carrying what looked like a handgun as school was letting out for the day. Toledo Public Schools security now believes the gun was a BB gun.

A dean wrestled the boy to the ground, and the boy was taken to the Juvenile Justice Center and charged with violating the Safe Schools Act. We do not know where he is at this time.

Parents of Robinson Jr. High students were not notified of the incident, but children did inform their parents when the children arrived home from school.

Latesha Mosby said, "That scared me when I seen it on the news. I didn't know if we should come to the school, pick up our kids or what. "

Officials say it happened at Robinson Middle School just as students were headed home. The eighth grader was across the street from the school.  A school official hearing from students about the gun saw it fall from  the kid's shirt onto the ground.  That school official took him down, confiscating the gun.

It was far from a normal day for Robinson Middle School. Police officers have been in and out of the building all day. Parent's are frightened. Tammy Austin said, "I was scared for my kids. I just thought the same incident just happened in Cleveland, and I was just scared for all of the kids."

Students claim he was carrying the gun to defend himself from bullies.  Earl Wagner said, "They were going to jump him, and he can't fight one on one. So he just brought a be be gun."

Now in police custody, that student faces charges for violating the Safe Schools Act. Plus, disciplinary action from the district.

Crystal Ellis explained, " The student will be expelled. The hearing's already been set up."

Meantime, the district wants to learn more about the student, such as whether he'd made any threats in the past.

Ellis added, "That will have a bearing on the extent of the discipline that will be administered in this particular case, then the factors as to why he even had a be be gun in school."

That's little comfort for parents who are finding out a day after the incident happened.

Tammy Austin said,  "I think that they should have contacted us or dismissed early. Or just let the parents know what's going on with the kids."

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