Field penny drive nets no small change for flood relief


Focus Reporter

Field Elementary students recently opened their hearts - and their piggybanks - to Findlay flood victims.

Over the past few weeks, students from all classrooms brought in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in an effort to raise money for the United Way Flood Relief Fund of Hancock County. Through the students' efforts, the school raised a total of $600.06 for the fund.

"We were astounded," said Jennifer Losey, Field Elementary principal. "They did really, really well."

Nancy Goodman, second grade teacher at Field, helped initiate the school-wide project. Goodman was motivated after witnessing the aftermath of the flooding while visiting her daughter in Findlay.

"I couldn't believe everything that was on the streets; things that people had to throw out; businesses that had to close," Goodman recalled.

But Goodman also noted she was impressed with the self-motivated, positive attitudes of Findlay residents.

"The people still kept trying and they were still motivated to go on; so we were trying to help in some small way," Goodman said.

Carol Wines' class had the distinct honor of collecting the most money, netting $109.08. Her class was followed by Nancy Goodman's in second place and Lisa Noel's class in third. The three classes each received a reward, with Wines' class earning a pizza party.

"Everyday the children would bring in huge bags of pennies," Wines said. "All 24 of my kids participated."

But while some classes collected more than others, organizers said they were impressed with the entire building's efforts.

"Our goal was $400, and we reached 600, so we were really excited about that," Goodman said. "I was just really proud of the kids and they all really worked hard."