Thyssen Krupp to stay in Fostoria

FOSTORIA -- Fostoria residents have been wondering about the fate of the Thyssen Krupp plant and now, there is an answer, reports News 11's Dick Berry.

Last year, Thyssen Krupp -- one of Fostoria's largest employers -- threatened to leave.

But, the company is staying in Fostoria, which means 450 workers will remain here and continue manufacturing the company's signature crankshafts.

"That's good. Everybody is leaving Fostoria lately," says Scott Ritter, a resident of the town.

"People working are people that are happy people," adds Barbara Manley.

The worry started last fall when Thyssen Krupp announced it was thinking of moving its Fostoria operation to corporate headquarters in Danville, Illinois. The departure would be devastating to Fostoria and its tax base.

"We can talk about tax base all day long but that's secondary. The main thing was those 450 families that would be without a good, steady income coming in. I'm glad they're staying here in town," says Mayor John Davoli, who lobbied the company to stay.

He believes one factor convinced the company to remain. "They all told me they got such a good workforce here in Fostoria. And all these men and women should be credited with staying here. That's the bottom line."

Residents believe the announcement will give Fostoria the jolt of confidence it needs.

"Fostoria is becoming a semi-ghost-town in my opinion. Places pulling out been around for a long, long time," says Kelly Ritter.

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