Privacy fence has this woman scared

TOLEDO -- What Carolyn Dixon sees when she steps out of her house is "just a plain wooden fence -- nothing," she says.

Her complaint? A privacy fence is obstructing her view. So, she contacted Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith for help.

"You can't see anything coming from this direction," by which Dixon means that she can't see anything that's coming around the corner. And that's dangerous, she says.

"It bothers me because there's things that go on in this parking lot that scare me," she says. "I have listened to drug deals going on over there."

Dixon claims says the problem's been going on since the North Toledo Arrow Club installed the fence about a year ago. It was put in to protect neighbors from a nearby carryout.

"I don't know what's going on in this parking lot," Dixon says. "It's taller than me, at least 6 foot."

Actually, as Mika found out, that height is too high, according to city regulations, which say that a privacy fence can be no taller than 3 1/2 ft. feet in the front yard, 4 ft. on the side and 7 ft. in the rear.

Dixon says she's tried to call attention to the problem. "I have said something to different members of the Arrow Club, and no ones responds to me," Dixon complains.

Mika went in to see if the club would respond to her. She spoke to the man in charge who said he had no idea it was too tall -- and he agreed to take care of it.

"I just like to see the fence in the front of my home dropped down," Dixon says.

To make sure it gets done, Mika has contacted the Division of Building Inspection, just like you should do if you're having the same problem. They are sending out an order to the Arrow Club, and that fence will be torn down and redone.

Posted by KO