Local workers react to UAW strike deadline for Chrysler

PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP -- Representatives for Chrysler and the UAW are working feverishly, we've been told, hoping to strike an agreement before 11 a.m. Wednesday.

That's the deadline the UAW set for Chrysler, and, if an agreement isn't reached by then, the union says workers will walk off the job.

At the Toledo Machining Plant, many left work on Tuesday expecting to be on the picket lines on Wednesday.

"We definitely would rather be working but they've built up the inventory and we got so much parts I think they are ready or anticipating this," Gary Thatcher tells News 11's Rob Wiercinski.

"We're very concerned with what's going on right now. Our son works here, we work here, it's our livelihood. It doesn't look good," says Diane Thatcher.

One worker questions whether the union will have the upper hand if a strike happens.

"It's probably not a real good time to strike. We got a lot of assembly plants not running next week. I don't know how much leverage we got," says Roger Schroeder.

While a strike is a short term concern, there are also concerns about the long term future of their workplace.

"They promised us an engine and we voted to change our work rules, and no engine. So, hard telling what they'll do," Schroeder says.

Gary and Diane also wonder how long Toledo Machining will continue making steering columns and torque convertors.

"They need us because they can't make enough torque convertors right now without us, but they're going to get some outside, outsource all the time, so I think our days are numbered," says Gary Thatcher.

"It just doesn't look good. We're not seeing anything coming in, we've seen a lot of machinery go out, nothing coming in to replace it," Diane Thatcher says.

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