Russian company starts paperwork with EPA for steel mill

COLUMBUS, OH (AP) -- A Russian steel company pondering building a 1-billion-dollar steel mill in southern Ohio has asked for a permit from the state's environmental agency.

An air-emissions permit application filed with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency by a consulting firm on behalf of Magnitogorsk (mag-NEE'-toe-gorsk) Iron & Steel, for a site in Haverhill, about 100 miles south of Columbus.

The details of the application, which typically outlines a company's plan to limit soot and emissions, were not released because the company asked it be kept private because it was a trade secret, the E-P-A said.

The application does not necessarily mean Magnitogorsk, also known as M-M-K, has settled on southern Ohio as the location for the plant. But it is a sign the company is serious because the paperwork requires a filing fee.

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