OnStar disappearing in some older GM models

Everyone has heard those real-life radio ads for onstar, GM's help service for car owners. Millions of people have responded to the ads by signing up for peace of mind.

But soon many of them will lose that protection. Find out which cars and when in this Call 11 for Action Alert.

Lots of people who own a GM car love one thing in particular about it: their OnStar system.

We've all heard the radio ads for onstar, where it helps someone in trouble or locked out. Though for some owners, their OnStar is about to go away.

John Venneman loves GM's OnStar safety system, that can call for help in a crash or other emergency. "Out of gas or have a flat tire? Contact OnStar we'll get roadside assistance to your location."

It's one of the reasons he bought a 2001 Chevy Suburban, but John recently got some bad news from a GM phone rep. "He said your vehicle has the OnStar system, and he said after 2007 its not gonna work anymore...on older vehicles."

That's right. Due to an FCC regulation that will turn off analog cell phone towers after this year, older analog onstar systems will no longer work.

John is furious. "Locked out, vehicle is ever stolen, free dialing phone, none of that will work anymore."

Owners of 2005 and new cars will be ok. GM says 2003 and 2004 models are upgradable to the new digital systems. But for owners of 2002 and older GM cars, your last call will come this December.

If your not sure about the status of your OnStar system, call your dealer's service department, they can tell you whether yours is upgradable. If not, make sure you have a good cell phone, so you stay safe and don't waste your money.

Posted by LS