Portage, OH man missing for a week

"Just call somebody,"said Nancy Wallace trying to fight tears. Her husband -- 44-year-old Terry Wallace left for work last Friday and never came home. He lives in Portage, just south of Bowling Green.

Nancy says everything seemed fine. They were even planning a 21st anniversary dinner. "He had told me Friday before he left. He said be thinking about where you want to go to out to eat."

Family members say surveillance video shows Wallace at the Meijer in Rossford last Friday evening. That's the last time Terry Wallace was seen.

Joe Wllace, Terry's father said "The way everything came down makes me believe that something out of the ordinary happened."

Family members don't suspect foul play. They're concerned it may be something else. His wife said, "He could have been in an accident. He could have drove off the rode and went into a pond."

Joe Wallace added, "We were hoping we could contact somebody with an airplane because they could probably scan this area from the air in a matter of 15 minutes to a half hour."

The Wallace family has had little hope, and because Terry is an identical twin they've had nothing but false leads.

They're hoping and praying that their husband, father, son and leader in the boy scouts will be found safely.

Nancy Wallace said "All I want to know is if he's alright."

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