Findlay Library still closed after flooding

FINDLAY -- It looks as though it's business as usual at the Findlay Hancock County Library. But looks can be deceiving.

Outside there's a 'closed' sign. At the drop off box, fines are being waived. A library worker said, "Keep good thoughts coming our way. We are working as quickly as we can to get the library opened."

The problem is that seven feet of muddy water from the Blanchard river swamped the basement of the library. The mechanical, electrical, phone, computer, security and fire alarm systems were ruined.

Everything must be re-located to the main floor. Until that happens, officials do not consider the library safe for users. "We have to have architectural plans and drawings, contractors, specifications. It has to go through the permit office. All those mechanical systems have to be replaced before we can rebuild."

You can still check out books, movies and cd's from the library's bookmobile or it's Arlington branch. They also suggest ordering from the system's web site. "Then you simply choose to have it delivered to Arlington or the bookmobile."

James Adkins is a regular customer st the library. He's been visiting the bookmobile, but can't wait until the library reopens. You can go in there and sit and read books. I like to hang out there."

No word yet on when James and others will be able to hang out at the library again. Meanwhile, the library's inventory remained high and was not damaged.

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