Pakistani court delays presidential vote results

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (AP) -- The Supreme Court in Pakistan says no winner in tomorrow's presidential election can be named until it decides whether President Pervez Musharraf is an eligible candidate.

His opponents are challenging whether Musharraf can run for office while he's still serving as army chief. They say that would be unconstitutional.

The high court's ruling means that the vote will still take place as scheduled, but the results could only be announced after Musharraf's eligibility is determined. Hearings on Musharraf resume October 17th. That means that even if Musharraf receives the most votes, he would have to wait at least 11 days before knowing whether he could take up office.

Despite the uncertainty, Musharraf has signed an amnesty order that drops corruption charges against former premier Benazir Bhutto and other politicians. It paves the way for a long-negotiated alliance.

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