Magazine scam goes door-to-door

They're going door to door, hoping you open it just like Ashley Smith did.

Smith explained, "She was telling me about her communication class and how she was selling magazines to get these points to win a trip."

It's a story traveling around the area, and unfortunately for Smith, she fell for it. "I wrote her the check, and she handed me the receipt."

But the transaction didn't stop there as Smith noticed the price she was originally quoted had changed. "She told me it was $34, and I was real confused and I was like you just told me it was $22."

The solicitors had an exit strategy. Smith explained,  "A car came and picked her up and sped off, and that's when I was like, this is really sketchy."

Smith then got on her computer and did some research. She found a web site with complaint after complaint from people all over the country who were pitched the same story by salespeople claiming to be with Alliance Service Company, Inc.

Those who signed up say they never received their magazines. Smith said, "My heart just stopped I was like, great this girl scammed me."

That's when Smith immediately canceled her check, saving herself. Her hope is to save you next -- which is why she contacted Call 11 for Action's Mika Highsmith. "I don't want to see anyone else getting scammed ," she said.

So protect yourself. If someone comes to your door, trying to sell you something, be weary. Do your research. Ask for written information before you decide to subscribe. Know the cancellation policy, and never give anyone any money unless you know their legit.

Remember, if you have doubts, play it safe. If you want to order a magazine that badly, contact the company yourself.

Posted by LS